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I love how she has her own (expensive-looking) laptop and she still doesn’t really understand how to use it. I bet she just uses it to look up pictures of cute food and baby animals, haha.

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Mini-interview from the free ticket kiosk pamphlet from Family Mart. 

This summer, a new performance! Musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Petite Etrangere” refers to the small stranger Chibi Usa from future Crystal Tokyo. Fleeing the black moon, it’s a fight for the future of Earth.

Q1: If you had a 20 day vacation, how would you spend it?

Q2: What about the new musical are you excited about?

Sailor Moon

Q1: I want to go to space! I want to patiently gaze at the stars. But, you can’t just go to space so easily, so I’d love to go see the Aurora Borealis. I’d study English for about 5 days, then travel for the remaining 15 days.

Q2: So many people saw us last time on video that I want to use all my power to do my best and create something new. We have a new Sailor Mercury, too, so look forward to seeing us!

Sailor Mercury

Q1: After sleeping for about a day, I’d go to various places! The ocean, the mountains, I’d love to visit lots of natural, beautiful nightscapes. I’d also like to visit New York.

Q2: I always wanted to be a performer. It has been my dream since kindergarten. I will do my absolute best with all of my power to show my love.

Sailor Mars

Q1: Without really thinking about it, I’d want to do something exciting. I would take a long walk. Play around at a music shop, ride the train to somewhere, or paint a picture. I’d love to waste the whole day on it.

Q2: I will do my best to show the audience a  strong, kind, and beautiful Rei.

Tuxedo Kamen

Q1: I’d love to take a trip to Europe and see the opera. Maybe in Italy. I haven’t been to Sicily yet, I’d like to see the place from the climax of the movie “The Godfather III”.

Q2: Last time as Tuxedo Kamen was my acting debut as a male character, but this year I’ll be an even more warm, kind, heart-stealing, Tuxedo Kamen. Look forward to my dynamic mantle.

Sailor Jupiter

Q1: I’d like to take a short semester abroad. Perhaps in NY or LA. I’d meet lots of people and brush up on my foreign language skills.

Q2: I feel like I’ve returned as a powered up sailor soldier and I want to show everyone my new form. Last year we had just formed our bonds of friendship. Come this time and see our new, deeper bonds of friendship.

Sailor Venus

Q1: I’d like to take a revealing trip with friends or family. I would want to go shopping without worrying about the time and refresh myself.

Q2: I’m so happy to be able to return to this role a year later. I wish to make happy all the fans who have waited so long for this. Just like last time, I hope a lot of people can come and see us.

I already have my tickets for opening night!!! 

This is awesome! Thanks for the translation Caitlin!

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